Ann & Mary – Equine Photoshoot

Last summer I had the privilege of meeting Ann and her horse called Mary.   To cut a long story short, Ann was a mental health nurse who was retiring so her friends all got together and purchased a gift voucher entitling Ann to have a photoshoot with her horse.    So when the voucher was received, she immediately got in touch to arrange the shoot.  It had been something that had been on her mind to do for some time!  This voucher was very well received.  Ann was fortunate to have her own private yard within Derbyshire with numerous places for us to hang out and take some lovely photos.  Mary was such a sweetheart and Ann told me she was an absolute angel hacking out, something they loved to do!

As most ladies are conscious of the camera, we opted for a more candid shoot which allowed me to concentrate on the bond Ann and Mary share without the distraction of all that posing!  I love this style – lifestyle/documentary is something I love but it is nice to capture a few images of people looking down the lens!  So here are a selection of Ann & Mary’s photoshoot.

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