Posh Frocks & Horsey Divas

So this year I am once again doing Posh Frock photoshoots with your horse.  I call them the Horsey Diva’s Rock the Shot shoot!

Essentially, you get dressed up in posh frocks for this… we go off on location or somewhere nice and scenic at your yard and have lots and lots of pretty pictures taken.  It’s fun, elegant, glamorous and a great way of spending some time with your horse!

If you are riding in your frock or wish to have some mounted shots on your horse, you will need to get your horse used to it in advance of the photoshoot for safety reasons.   Every horse is different and I can provide you with lots of ideas to desensitise your him/her!   Diva sessions are priced at £110.00 and you can change into another outfit to finish off the session.  If you’d like to book a Diva Rock the Shot shoot with your horse, please get in touch or visit my website at http://www.tmsphotography.co.uk

equine_Photographer_Leicestershire-26A Girl and her Horse (1 of 1)2B6A0192

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