Boxing Day Meet – Atherstone Hunt (2014)

It’s been such a busy summer that I’ve not had chance to update my blog in a while – the shame, I know.  One thing I didn’t blog was when I went to Market Bosworth on Boxing Day back in December 2014.  How time flies!!   My riding pal, Debbie took her boy Sammy for the opening meet in this little town’s Market Place.  It’s an old tradition that to this day, is a spectacular site to see and hundreds of people turn out to such as occasion.  Mulled wine, mice pies are all on offer with all through roads closed.   Until that day, I had never been to an opening meet!  I didn’t get to go in 2015 due to having no car, seeing as my engine kind of gave up just before Christmas, so last Christmas I missed all the meets :(.  Oh well!  Lots more in the years to come.

I think I’ve waffled enough now, so here we go with some memorable photos from the occasion!

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