Tissington – A quaint little Peak District Village

Going back in time to the summer of 2014. Bear with me, I’m trying to blog most of last year’s photo stuff just so you can all get a flavour for my love of photography. This particular day, I had attended a meeting with a lovely friend over the other side of Ashbourne. It was a lovely sunshiny day so I thought what better to have a drive to Tissington village. If you don’t know where Tissington is, it’s on the A515 road out of Ashbourne towards Buxton. You go through a gated entrance… it all looks very traditional and stately looking. Once in Tissington you will find a beautiful tea room, Tissington Hall and the olde sweet shop plus it boasts beautiful walking routes and not forgetting Tissington Trail, ideal for horse-riding, cycling and walking. Overall it is a very picturesque quaint village. Once a year, you can catch it’s stunning well dressings too. Definitely worth a visit to see those, I missed it last year unfortunately.

So what did I capture on my travels, well, a bit of everything really, lots of ducks, scarecrow, an old bicycle and beautiful meadows adorned with buttercups.

So here we go:-







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