Emma & Molly – Equine Photoshoot

Here is another equine photoshoot that I did back in the summer over in Duffield, Derbyshire. It was another occasion where jodhpurs were swapped for something more elegant. I think you’ll agree that Emma looks lovely in her chosen outfits. The weather was gorgeous, just the right kind of light not to harsh nor too bright. I love capturing the bond between horse and rider!

Occasionally Emma swaps her usual GP saddle for her side saddle. I love side saddle, only ever had a go at it twice, it looks so elegant but it does feel slightly weird when you try it for the first time! Molly and Emma go hunting with the Four Shires regularly. It is a clean boot hunt where the hounds follow a tracker (a fit person who enjoys running). I’ve know Emma since 2012 where we met at a local WIBN meet in Derby. Since that time, we’ve become great friends. Emma is self employed running her business Ecclesbourne Interiors“. If you’re looking for new curtains or simply to revamp a room, take a look http://www.ecclesbourneinteriors.co.uk. It’s all beautiful stuff!!

Photos 🙂

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