A Country Wedding – Village Church followed by Barn Reception

Tammy and Brendan are a down to earth couple, full of love for each other, their son Callum and their beloved Derby County Football Club.  Back in September last year, they got married.  My day began with bridal preps at Tammy’s parent’s house in Ravenstone, Leicestershire.  All the bridesmaids were getting ready here so it was quite a giggle and very relaxed.  Tammy wanted her wedding day captured in a more documentary way with a few formal portraits but most of all, she wanted to have fun and laugh a lot and she did!

My second shooter, Steve met with the groom at the church, Brendan isn’t one for being photographed so groom preps were not needed on this occasion.

The ceremony was being held at the Parish church of St Peter’s in Swepstone, Leicestershire.   It’s a beautiful village church and somewhere that meant a lot to both Tammy & Brendan.  Emotional, funny, a fit of the giggles it all happened during the ‘I do’s’.   After the ceremony we off to Tivey’s Farm in Shackerstone for the reception – which was very fitting for the couple as they both love the great outdoors and a country setting so where better than a barn.  It was brilliant.  It rained pretty much all day (until late afternoon) and Tammy’s wedding dress unfortunately did get covered in mud but it was fine – we were on a muddy farm with rain!  Such a great wedding with a lot of love and laughter.  The best man’s speech was a corker.  We even got to enjoy a singing waiters and an added bonus of a singing groom which got guests dancing off their afternoon tea!  We had fun in the grain barn (high heels and grain as well as fits of giggles, don’t mix too well) –  and utilised the farm in the best we could without trampling through too much mud for a few couple shots and yes we had to get one with a tractor in it! All in all it was a super day and a fun wedding to be part of!


Horses for Sale – How I can help!

Hello, thanks for stopping by.  I just wanted to share a new venture I’m now offering to those that regularly sell elite sport horses within the Midlands region.  I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be getting the right kind of photos to show off one special horse for sale, as they have to be good to get the interest in someone to want to see more of this wonderful horse.  Yes mobiles are great and I’m certainly not knocking them and they have a purpose but do they give you the best photos for that WOW advert?  The answer is definitely a resounding NO!

This is where I can help, as an experienced equine photographer based in Derbyshire with easy access to also North West Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire & Warwickshire with a horse of my own and someone that has been involved in equine sport photography, I know how to photograph (and video) horses in action.  It’s not just the pretty portrait shots which yes any camera will do but action shots, as so many mobiles just create a blurry photo, which isn’t great when you’re advertising a horse for sale in the thousands of pounds bracket.  I can deal with different light sources indoor and outdoor, fast frame work which is just something that your average mobile cannot do.   I take hundreds of photos  observing the horse as it moves through various gaits, clicking away to show that powerful upbeat trot and canter as well as any jumping, XC or dressage work.

I can do either stand alone photography where I will come to your yard and take a series of portrait and action photographs or I can do combined photography with videography to create a short film incorporating both photography and video footage as well as just the photographs.  If you are after something that shows a horses ability say XC, then I could come and photograph the XC session (but not while the horse is in competition).  Prices start from £125.00 for stand alone photography (an hour should be plenty for one horse) and £199.00 for photography and video (travel will be charged accordingly).  You will receive a selection of images (that you choose then I send over a download link) for your advert to use until that horse is sold.  It is a one use licence only.  Video side – a short film is produced showing all action movements be it dressage or jumping which is edited with Royalty Free music to keep costs to a minimum.

Here are some examples of my work showcasing a typical horse for sale photoshoot.  If you’d like more information, then please get in touch using the contact form above  or via my main website

Equine Video Examples showcasing my experience in equine videography

Wedding Workshop 1 – Peak District

Last summer I attended my second ever wedding workshop over near Castleton, Derbyshire.  The host was the lovely Jon Dennis of S6 Photography.  He shared how he built his business up and how he attracts the wedding couples that suit his photographic style.  It was a great day and one I really enjoyed.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the Peak District.  Our wedding couple were Tony and Anna (Jon was the photographer for their wedding and Tony is a photography himself with his own wedding business  over at Photography 34).

Make up and hair was by the lovely Jenn Edwards and Co. The dress a two piece  stunning gown, designed by Charlotte Balbier was provided by the wonderful Little Pearl Bridal Boutique up in North Yorkshire. Flowers were designed and provided by Kirsty of Minnie Bees Floral Design up in Scarborough.

So what did I learn?

I already knew of course how to use my camera and take lovely wedding photos.  With this wedding workshop, I wanted to get to grips more specifically with natural non posing stuff and interacting with the couple better to achieve the results that I wanted, whilst keeping the couple relaxed with no awkward posing.  I must confess, it was a lot easier than I ever imagined and I relaxed better because I wasn’t over thinking the process because there was no posing as such. I moved around the couple getting my shots at different angles all the time them interacting with each other or me, it was perfect.  I loved this new way of working and adapting to circumstances to create my style.  I just gave Anna & Tony some direction for the light and where best to place them.   The rest they did themselves which given that it was pretty windy up on Mam Tor so a huge thanks to Anna for braving that wind in just that wedding dress, they did a wonderful job!    I also learnt a few new camera techniques that I now use a lot of to this day, feeling confident and knowing that I do actually love photographing weddings all because I work so differently which has led to a more creative side of my ability as a wedding photographer!  Finding my own unique style of working, even outside of wedding photography as I specialise in horses and dogs as well plus developing my own editing workflow is so important and means I become consistent and recognisable by people which leads to enquiries, thus bookings, meaning I evolve year on year and for that I’m grateful!   I’m sure you’ve all read enough of my ramblings, so here is a selection of images taken by me from the workshop.  If you would like to know more about my wedding photography, then please get in touch or visit my website at http://www.tmsphotography.co.uk

Calke Abbey, Ticknall, Derbyshire

Calke Abbey is nestled in the the quaint village of Ticknall just 4 miles away from the main town of Swadlincote.  It was owned many years ago by Harpur family until it was given to the National Trust in 1985 in lieu of death duties.   It was built circa 1701/1702.  It is a fantastic place to visit with it’s hugely popular underground tunnel.  One thing that will clearly be seen is a beautiful house demonstrating the decline in country mansions and is referred to as ‘the un-stately home’ but is definitely one house to take a peek around (there’ll be a separate blog on this).  There are also lots of events there during the year with a little something for everyone.

It boasts a great wildlife conservation area housing Red and Fallow deer and is popular too with a large array of birds who love the feeding station just situated in the compound viewable by a hide. Woodpeckers are frequent visitors as a Goldfinches, squirrels and the fox.   By all accounts it is a very popular place with the public for those wanting walks, to explore or like me, to just get away from it all.

So Why do I love Calke Abbey?

Easy really, it’s one place I can escape too that isn’t miles away from home as it is pretty much on my doorstep.  Once there I can think, take a walk, sit in the hide or go around the gardens when they are open as I usually go early evening when the house and gardens are closed.  This park is just wonderful and I love walking around it. never tiring of it’s views.  I generally always take a camera as I never know what I’m going to see.  I love the deer here. It’s just a really interesting place for me anytime of the year!

So here is a selection of photos I took on my last visit.  There are a few rutting ones as it’s Deer Rutting Season right now.

Buxton Pavilion Wedding – Derbyshire

Well if you’ve never been to Buxton in Derbyshire, you really should give it a visit!  It’s a beautiful Spa town in the Peak District nestled between Bakewell and Manchester.  It was my first time second shooting for Lois and it just happened to be the first as well for a Buxton wedding.  I love the Peak District so any wedding around the area is just wonderful.

The bride and groom were getting married in the Orangery located in the Buxton Pavilion.  Very unusual setting but perfect for Rebecca & Martin.  The day started with some bridal preps over in Glossop a short 30 min drive from Buxton where the girls were sporting their satin flowered dressing gowns.  It was to be a vintage affair with the brides parent’s getting into the 50’s spirit, as did many of the guests!  It was to say the least a quirky wedding – I love quirky and different things although every wedding is unique!  Give me rock & roll frocks, Irregular Choice shoes and Mols and Flappers/Gangster theme, Boho, fluff and wellies you name it, I love them all!  The band in the evening got everyone on the dance floor and it was great to get some fab shots of the fun and dancing!  Check out the confetti – masses of it!


If you’d like to know more about my wedding photography, please do get in touch using the contact form above!

Derbyshire wedding photographer, Buxton Wedding, Buxton Pavilion, Peak District Wedding


Ann & Mary – Equine Photoshoot

Last summer I had the privilege of meeting Ann and her horse called Mary.   To cut a long story short, Ann was a mental health nurse who was retiring so her friends all got together and purchased a gift voucher entitling Ann to have a photoshoot with her horse.    So when the voucher was received, she immediately got in touch to arrange the shoot.  It had been something that had been on her mind to do for some time!  This voucher was very well received.  Ann was fortunate to have her own private yard within Derbyshire with numerous places for us to hang out and take some lovely photos.  Mary was such a sweetheart and Ann told me she was an absolute angel hacking out, something they loved to do!

As most ladies are conscious of the camera, we opted for a more candid shoot which allowed me to concentrate on the bond Ann and Mary share without the distraction of all that posing!  I love this style – lifestyle/documentary is something I love but it is nice to capture a few images of people looking down the lens!  So here are a selection of Ann & Mary’s photoshoot.

Bronze Award – Dog Portraits

Well once again I submitted three photographs for judging with the Guild of Photographers and am pleased to say I got one bronze which I’m really happy about.  Why I love this picture purely because of the timing of it with both mum and daughter  (Nemo & Piglet) both holding the stick and especially the front paws are just paw symmetry.  By gaining yet another Bronze award, it means I’m heading in the right direction photographically wise!

If you or know someone who is interested in having a dog portrait session, then please get in touch.  Sessions start from £75.00. July GuildBronze

All Saints Church, Cadeby Warwickshire Wedding

Last August I photographed the wedding of Fiona and Joe.  The ceremony was held at All Saint’s Church in the quaint village of Cadeby, Warwickshire, where Fiona’s parent’s live. It’s a beautiful village church set on a hill.  The later celebrations were held at Fiona’s parent’s house just down the lane from the church.

The groomsmen all wore Top Hat and Tails, with the bridesmaids all wearing Royal Blue dresses.  Fiona’s wedding dress was just beautiful with ruffles of tulle and Fiona’s excellent choice of comfy footwear was a Coral coloured pair of Louboutin Wedge heel peep toe shoes.  For the ceremony part, Fiona wore a long chiffon jacket, complimented by a chapel length veil.  It was a great wedding on a very sunny day.  The name holders were made from old shotgun cartridges and the marquee was beautifully decorated in a coordinating country theme. I just love country weddings, open air, marquees and seeing everyone just simply relax and enjoy the party – dance they did.   The Rodeo Bull provided a lot of laughs and entertained guests until after the sun went down!

Check out the day here!

Nottinghamshire Golf Club Wedding – Second Shooting

Last August, wow a year has gone already and I’m still catching up with the blogging.  Once again I was second shooting for Dave Nunn at the Nottinghamshire Golf Club for the wedding of Ashton and Daniel.  For the groomsmen, the tweed was out – I just love this look, it’s super cool for the guys.  Ashton and her bridesmaids all looked wonderful in their beautiful dresses.  The day was sunny, warm but slightly breezy (well very breezy), as you can see from the photos below!   I loved all the little details from family photos of those loved ones no longer with us to the sweets and Annie Sloan vintage steps.  Most of all I love taking photos of people just casually chatting and laughing you get the best portraits this way.  Show people for who they really are and not a forced smile in sight!

It was a first at this venue for me and I thought it was really, really lovely.  You get to go out on the golf course using the picturesque parts which is nice.  It’s so modern and they do look after the bride and groom very well!